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Prompt claims

I would like to thank you, my AIA agent, Mdm Rose Chin Lee Fong to help me to claim total of RM27,452.00. This accident happened in 3-Dec-12 and I have a fracture at my left humerus bone. Now I have already recovered and thanks for the claims, I am able to recover the medical bills as well. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you AIA co. & my agent for servicing me so prompt and without any issues.
Ms Tang Kuala Lumpur

Hardworking and reliable

Congratulations on your new website! Rose, you are a hard working and reliable person. I like you. I will surely recommend you as the best choice for medical plan, fixed rate loan and investment plan because of your experience and expertise. You are an insurance consultant with credentials. Go Rose!!
Rosaline Sundralingam Kuala Selangor

Professional and personalised service

Rose Chin came highly recommended by a dear friend of mine. I recently bought a property and with Rose Chin professional advise and personalized service, I have managed to secure a good banking facilities for this property. She has extensive domain knowledge in her field which comes valuable in advising her clients on the best financial/insurance deals be it from retirement planning, investment, medical card, personal accident and home loan that is available in the market. I would highly recommend Rose Chin for her financial/insurance services. Good job!
Poobalan Muniandy Kuala Lumpur

Fixed rate housing loan

We are only comfortable with fixed rate housing loan as we are in financial control of our repayment. BLR may be low now but it is never fixed as in the historical trend of BLR. From Last year the BLR had already increased 1%. Home loan commitment is never short term and we want to have the peace of mind in our fixed repayment. AIA early repayment strategy helped me to settle my housing loan early. We managed to settle a property loan in 10 years instead of 25 years. Now I have a cash flow in renting out my property. We have already bought our fourth property and we still go for AIA fixed housing loan. We like her service and she makes things so simple to handle.
Wendy & Alias Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Reducing Mortgage Loan

I am happy as I could see my mortgage loan gradually reduced. Previous home loan even after paying for 5 years the housing loan increased and was more than the amount I borrowed due to the increased BLR. I liked her professional service.
Kunasekran Puchong

Fixed budget repayment

She provides a fixed budget for my housing repayment. Benefit for the company and staff –peace of mind as easy budget on fixed rate and no fluctuation. Easy repayment method for mortgage loan principal reduction.
Mr Ghwee Kota Kamunting