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Children’s College/ University/ Education Fund

Can you recall how did you feel when your first child was born? You feel elated, delighted and happy The moment you carry the child in your arms, something happens. You transfer your dream & desire to your child. You want your child to become what you want him / her to become – the best doctor, lawyer, engineer, pilot, or the best career. When he starts to walk, you still whisper the same message to him. When he starts to talk, you ask him to repeat what you would say to him… ” to become a doctor”, “to become a pilot”… When the friend or relatives come to visit, you ask your child to tell uncle or auntie what he wants to be when he grows up. He study very hard to make sure he score good grades.

Overseas College/ University/ Education Planning – When should you start planning for education?

So when the day comes, he will come to you and say , “Dad! Mom! I’ve done it! I ‘ m ready to go for college!!” or “I am ready for university to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer!” As a father , you will say, “Son, daughter, you are ready but I’m not.” And then the son will say, “Dad, I started planning in class 1. I sacrifice all my time into studying for this result. I cannot play my favorite games or see my favorite program. All these is because I need to study hard to become what I want to be. Why did you put this dream into my mind when you are not ready? Why didn’t you plan for me from the start?” How would your child feel about further education? If you we’re the father of this child, how would you feel? Tell me what are your current plans to ensure your child’s education. Where do you intend to send your child for further studies? (Australia, UK or USA) Do you know the cost of education funding at the moment? Let us help you to ensure your child complete his education to the highest degree no matter what happens to you. Whatever you want him to be, you’ve got to PLAN NOW! How much are you willing to set aside each month for your Child’s ¬†education?

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