Financial planning

Protect your Family through financial planning

What is financial planning? When should you start? Let me run through a scenario in order to clarify the situation:

Would you agree with me that when talking  about DEATH…. there is no IF but WHEN?

When you are living, you were such a nice person. When you die, you are given 2 rewards:
1) You go to heaven
2) What if you are given 48 hours to look from heaven through a window to see all your loved ones.

This is what you will see in your … House .. Office

Your Office …
Your office is still the same…  except the chair is now empty. Very soon the chair would be filled, it will be replaced & very soon you will be totally forgotten. The staff you worked with never even take a minute off to notice that you are not around anymore, things are just normal as if you were never there.

At Home …
You still see your lovely home you build for your family, your loved ones. Your children are still waiting for you to come home to have dinner with them. Remember, whenever you come back from office even at late nights, they are still waiting for you, to tuck them to bed, to laugh with them, to play with them, to tell them stories, to give hugs and kisses and to sing to them to sleep. Clinging on your feet. You were like a pillar of support to them. But your children will never know that you are not coming back ever again.
Now, your spouse is the only person who is going to make decision and provide for the family. Your salary was the fuel that was burning the light. The children will never understand why you have left them. Very soon, the family may have to move to a smaller home and your spouse may have to go to work to help the family. The children might be left with the uncles  and aunties to take care of them.

Tell me then, when your relatives have children of their own, whose children do you think , would be their priority?

Today the children are still thinking of you and waiting for you. They are hungry waiting for you to have dinner with them. Now that you are not around, they may not have the same food. No more McDonald’s or big meals at their favorite place. Your spouse has to make the adjustments according to the current financial situation.

Education Planning

When you were around, you will scout around with your spouse for the best school to send your children for education. But now, your spouse has to make the decision. Your children may not be able to afford to study in the best schools. All the plans for your children to be educated at the best university are gone for you never plan for them. Their future is at stake.

So tell me honestly

  • Do your really care for your family?
  • Do you love your family?
  • Do you want to maintain their current lifestyle?
  • Do you want the same income for the family?
  • Do you want to live in dignity without having to depend on anybody?
  • What are your current provisions & plans to ensure that your spouse will receive the kind of income required for the family to maintain the current lifestyle without downgrading.

Please contact us and we will give you the best recommendations and then it will be up to you to make the right decision.


Food for thought

Do you have enough savings for retirement?

Have you prepared enough for rainy days?

Have you saved enough for your children’s future education?

Are you using all your paycheck for your housing loan?


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