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Lowest Housing Loan Malaysia Rate

  • Are you stressed with your current housing loan commitment?
  • Are you prepared to afford a further housing loan rate hike of 1 – 2%?
  • Do you know that since 2010, the Malaysian mortgage loan interest rate increased 4 times from 5.55% to 6.6% = 1.05%
  • Practically, you allow your money to be burnt

Let Housing Loan Malaysia offer you a solution to your housing loan problems.



1) Low Long Term Housing Loan Malaysia Fixed Rates

Home owners are now expected to make higher payments for their loans due to such increase in the BLR. With AIA Fixed Rate Home Loans, you can now enjoy security and peace of mind for the entire loan duration.

Peace of mind with loan instalments fixed for the entire loan duration. You can be ensured that the home loan which is the biggest liability and long term commitment is taken care of. Your house is secured.

Lock in at low historic rate of 4.85%p.a. despite increasing BLR trends.


2) Zero Moving Cost Feature

Lesser the burden of refinancing. Have the benefit of instant savings on your monthly housing loan instalments by switching to AIA without paying for any legal fees, stamp duty, disbursement and valuation fees for the loan documentations.

Special “Zero Moving Cost” packages allowing you to refinance or purchase a property without having to pay for valuation or legal fees. Lesser the burden of refinancing and purchase of new property and enjoy instant savings on your monthly installments.


3) Housing Loan Value Added Features 

Other than the conventional MRTA, you can now choose among many home loan insurance with some that generates guaranteed cash savings and protection or one that yields investment returns for retirement and protection.

Smart financial planning ~ secure your family home first…


4) Flexible Housing Loan – no restriction, no penalty

An often overlooked aspect of our packages is the flexibility in making additional payments. AIA fixed rate packages is calculated at daily interest to allow borrowers to offset the capital with minimum restriction.

Affordability increases as your earning power increases you loan repayment becomes more affordable.

Daily interest rest rate with no restriction for early repayment to save interest cost and shorten loan tenure with no minimum notice required.


5) Real Property Capital Gain

As the value of your property appreciate over time, fixed the cost of interest payable over time as well to maximize your net capital gains.

Enjoy real capital gains as your property appreciates and interest cost remains fixed.


6) Unlock property value to get cash

Homeowners can unlock the market value of your property for some free cash. Homeowners can refinance your house or request for an additional home loan to unlock the value by obtaining additional housing loan Malaysia. Through home refinancing, you can use it for the purpose of children education, unit trust investment, home renovations or other personal commitments and investments.


Why fixed rate and how can it save interest?

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